International Solutions to Local Challenges
International Solutions to Local Challenges

SAV Consultancy SA Ltd is a Level 2 BBBEE specialist Leadership Development and Strategic Consultancy company with a wealth of experience internationally. Originally formed in 2005 in the UK the company has subsequently operated extensively in Egypt and South Africa through an experienced team of Associates.

We specialise in advising and assisting organisations to transform and maximise on the contribution of their employees to create sustainable improvements in performance.
This is not the traditional consultancy that when you ask them "what time is it?", they borrow your watch and give you the answer you already knew !!! We pride ourselves in adding value and engaging with clients to co-create solutions.
We have an extensive portfolio of Leadership Programmes which can readily be adapted to the bespoke needs of an organisation and delivered by a team of international facilitators with over 150 years experience.

In addition SAV Consultancy SA Ltd has a proven track record of providing impactful Strategic Consultancy support together with Executive Coaching that ensures a high performance culture is achieved at all levels across an organisation.

"The Best Way Of Predicting The Future Is to Make it Happen Yourself"

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